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Volunteers in HBTN

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Help Like other Talking Newspapers across the country, HBTN is run by a team of unpaid volunteers, some fifty in our case. These are people, mostly retired, who willingly give up their time to assist in one or more of the several different functions which are needed to produce our news and entertainment recordings. Currently we produce a Talking Newspaper edition fortnightly and a Magazine three or four times a year. We would like it to be more. The constraint on this is mainly the number of volunteers and the spread of skills we can call on. The time that volunteers have to spend is really quite small, mainly a couple of hours at a time every two or three weeks, but it does take time to train newcomers, especially producers, editors and recording engineers/technicians. If you think you might be able to help us in ANY capacity, see the section below entitled 'What to do next'. We are particularly interested if you have more specialised skills that all Voluntary Organisations like ours need, in the areas of Fundraising and Publicity.

The roles for Volunteers who contribute their expertise to our Magazine Look Hear are slightly different from the fortnightly Talking News ones. We need people who are prepared to research, and write non-fiction for the magazine; seek out articles from other magazines that we can use, attend recording sessions once a quarter, and be prepared to attend editorial meetings. If you have that creative flair we are looking for, why not get in touch?

The main roles involved in producing our Talking News and Magazine are more fully described below.

What to do next

If you feel that you would like to join us, you will need to complete an application form which provides us with essential details and enables us to take up references. You can indicate your interest in Volunteering by checking the box on our on-line contact form in which case we will send you an application form, or you can download one. For more general enquiries click here to contact us or download our brochure. We do ask that potential volunteers provide two references, which are always checked, as we have a safeguarding responsibility towards our sometimes vulnerable clients.

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