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bringing Local News to the Blind and Visually Impaired

Our Committee & Members

Help Our organisation is constituted in accordance with our Founding Constitution document, as amended 2017, which can be viewed here. We have a standing committee, an AGM and quarterly committee meetings that plan our activities, review operations and actively promote fundraising activities and publicity.

Our current committee elected at the AGM held on 1st May 2018 (see our Events and Meetings pages) comprises:

President: Mr Keith Stoneman
Chairman: Mr Peter Loveridge
Vice Chair: TBA
Treasurer pro. tem.: Mr Peter Loveridge
Secretary: Mrs Ann Cartwright
Committee: Mrs Jean Dermott (Quality Control VIP)
Committee: Mr Malcolm Gunton (I/C Readers))
Committee: Mr Alan Hakim (I/C Engineering))
Committee: Mrs Marion King (Distribution)
Committee: Mrs Nancy Lane (Quality Control VIP)
Committee: Mr Stuart Moore (Webmaster)
Committee: Mrs Pat Toothill (I/C Producers & Editors)
Committee: Mrs Jan Turner (Magazine)
President, Keith Stoneman Chairman, Peter Loveridge Secretary Ann Cartwright Jean Dermott Alan Hakim Pat Toothill Stuart Moore Marion King

To find out more about our AGM, please visit our Meetings page.
Many Committee Members also take on operational roles in Producing, Editing, Reading, Engineering, Distribution, Fundraising.and Quality Control.
To contact a member of the committee, please email the administrator in the first instance, indicating the intended recipient on the subject line.

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